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Welcome to NWGP INC

Northwest Georgia Paving was established in 1958 as an asphalt paving company.  Through the decades, NWGP INC has broadened its list of services to include site development, grading, as well as, landscape architecture and installation.  NWGP has transformed itself into a company that can now better serve its clients with any outdoor project.   NWGP Inc boasts a very highly skilled and diversified staff including but not limited to registered engineers, licensed, landscape architects, surveyors, and a highly trained work force that executes projects at the highest level of quality on a daily basis.  NWGP is more than capable of assuming any project, big or small.

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Experienced and diversified in all facets of site work

One company equipped to do it all



The earthwork division of NWGP is a proven leader in the construction industry, specializing in earthwork, excavation, and heavy general engineering. Working throughout the southeast, our highly trained staff develops innovative solutions to a variety of land and infrastructure needs in both the private and public sectors. We provide services, including land clearing, demolition, excavation, grading, earthwork finishing, and utility infrastructure installations.

Asphalt Paving

This is where it all started. Since 1958, our paving department specializes in highway, parking lot, and driveway construction. Providing work to both the public and private sector, NWGP boasts over 56 years of experience in asphalt paving. Services within the asphalt paving sector include base work, new construction, patching and repair, resurfacing, and milling. Once the asphalt is completed, NWGP also offers services in crack filling, seal coating, and striping.

Concrete Curbing and Flat Work

No site paving project is complete without the elements comprised of concrete. Whether it be roadways, drives, parking lots, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, or flumes, NWGP provides professional service and installation in all areas of concrete installation. On any project, coordination of both concrete and asphalt under one company makes for an efficient and timely installation. Our concrete crews are highly capable bringing the highest quality work to our clients.

Soil Stabilization and Full Depth Reclamation

On an new construction asphalt project, soil stabilization can be utilized to add cement and lime elements to the subgrade soils. This process acts to increase the shear strength of the subsoil and helps to better prevent and control the properties of shrink and swell. As such, subsoils are better able to sufficiently support asphalt pavement. In the case of existing ashalt with extreme cracking and issues with subsurface settling, full depth reclamation can be performed to pulverize existing base and asphalt materials into the subsoil to be stabilized. In certain situations, these methods can be conducted to provide cost savings over conventional methods.

Erosion Control

With any site construction project comes the need to stabilize the soil and prevent erosion. The erosion control crews at NWGP have the necessary equipment and experienced staff to provide all erosion control needs throughout all phases of a site project. From the initial construction entrance, silt fence and tree save barriers to the intermediate temporary seeding, mulching, dust control, and matting, NWGP erosion control crews effectively and efficiently protect construction site soils from migrating. Upon completion of construction activities, it is the erosion control crew who is responsible for providing final grassing in the form of hydroseed or sod, as well as final punch out.

Landscape Architecture

The best way to efficiently complete any project is to have a solid design and plan. This is where the Landscape Architects at NWGP come into play. During the early stages of a project, the LA department at NWGP provides site planning, as well as feasibility and relationship studies. For the latter stages of any project, our design department provides concept services in landscape and plant layout, irrigation and lighting placement, pool and hardscape layout, and water feature design. Utilizing many methods of both hand and computer graphics, the design department at NWGP has the expertise to assist our clients with conceptualizing and visualizing and outdoor project.

Landscape Installation

From conception to completion, the landscape installation crews at NWGP are more than capable of properly installing the planting and hardscape elements in a landscape plan. Whether placing trees, plants, patios, or waterfalls, a methodical installation and quality in the initial installation are highly noticeable in the final product. This is why an NWGP installed landscape is superior to any other project.


A properly installed irrigation system is the best investment for a newly installed or pre-existing landscape. Whether the project calls for a large complex irrigation sytem or a simple watering means for a small landscape, the irrigaiton crews at NWGP have the knowledge and experience to provide a high quality irrigation system. In addition, NWGP provides repair and modifications to existing irrigation systems.

Landscape Lighting

Many people overlook the beauty of the installed landscape at night. The landscape lighting crews at NWGP are highly qualified in the installation of low voltage night lighting to properly light your landscape. Whether you are looking to install a system for aesthetic enjoyment of your landscape or to have an outdoor entertaining space at night, NWGP can assist in installing the perfect lighting system.