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Asphalt Production

Producing superior asphalt products for quality installations

NWGP Inc is proud to be one of a select number of asphalt paving contractors with the ability to manufacture its own products.  A quality asphalt surface is only as good as the product that is utilized in the installation.  It is for this reason that NWGP is a leader in asphalt paving.  Our asphalt production facilities are comprised of state of the art equipment and controls, and are staffed by highly trained employees. These facilities also include a lab testing facility with all necessary testing equipment to ensure each load meets the necessary specifications of the particular agency or client.  NWGP can produce a multitude of different asphalt mixes to meet the specific needs of any project. To meet growing environmental concerns, NWGP also has the ability to use recycled asphalt in many of our mix designs.

NWGP Inc asphalt production facilities are not used solely for our paving projects.  Though we are our biggest customer, NWGP sells asphalt products to the public as well.  Whether a local city or county government entity or a private paving contractor, NWGP is equipped to provide any needed asphalt products.  Contact us for further details on getting set up as a customer.