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Asphalt and Concrete Surface Solutions

Highway and Road Construction

For almost 60 years, NWGP has been an industry leader in construction, maintenance, and repair of highways, roads, and streets throughout the southeast.  NWGP is regularly called upon by city and county municipalities to provide paving and resurfacing services on both new and existing streets and roadways.  Furthermore, NWGP is frequently entrusted by the Department of Transportation to complete resurfacing and repairs for interstates and state highways as well as the new construction of improved roadways and intersections.  NWGP is experienced in scheduling work on busy roadways to reduce interference in high traffic areas, and in many cases, has implemented night shift crews to complete road work during times of low traffic flow.  Through a combination of wisdom and knowledge gained over multiple decades and modern technological advances in equipment and procedures, NWGP Inc is a leader in the construction and improvement of highways and roadways.


Commercial Paving Services

Since its conception in 1958, NWGP has provided services in all facets of commercial development.  From installing roadways and parking areas for hospitals, shopping centers, apartment complexes and industrial facilities to implementing parkways and accesses for subdivisions and business parks, NWGP has a long standing history of projects completed to specification, within budget, and in a timely manner.  NWGP Inc is a singular company fully equipped and staffed to provide all facets of any commercial project including base work, asphalt installation, curbing, striping, and signage.

Concrete Curbing and Flatwork

In conjunction with asphalt paving, most all commercial projects will call for concrete elements to be installed as well.  Such elements may include curbing, side walks, parking curb stops, flumes, slabs, and pads.  The concrete crews at NWGP are able to provide installation of these items to the particular specifications of the job in a timely and precise manner.  Coordination of all concrete and asphalt installations within one company results in a more efficient and smooth flow of work for the client.


Milling and Profiling

NWGP Inc milling crews have the most up to date equipment and a fully experienced staff to provide all milling services required for a particular project.  Whether milling edges of curbs and tie in points for asphalt overlay projects or completing full lane width milling for resurfacing projects, NWGP has the knowledge and equipment to complete all necessary elements of the particular job.

Asphalt Repair and Overlay

When pavement deteriorates due to lack of maintenance, it can often seem like it’s at the end of its lifespan – and you may think you need to demolish and rebuild from scratch. However, with NWGP Inc asphalt paving and overlay services, you may be able to get more out of your asphalt than you thought possible.  Like a facelift for your pavement, repair of subsurface issues and an asphalt overlay adds new life to older asphalt, repairing flaws in the existing surface and adding a new layer of pavement to the top – giving it a brand-new appearance for less.  The paving crews at NWGP have the experience and knowledge to assist in making your current paved surfaces like new.


Striping and Seal Coating

NWGP also offers coating and striping installation services to new and existing asphalt surfaces.  No newly installed parking area or roadway is complete without the necessary directional arrows, parking space lines, and lane indicators.  The NWGP striping crews provide these final touches to our paving projects to encourage the correct traffic flow and function of each newly installed concrete or asphalt surface.  To prolong the life of any existing asphalt surface, the seal coat crews at NWGP apply a protective coating to help protect the asphalt from the deteriorating effects of water and ice.  Seal coating is an important maintenance procedure necessary for the longevity of any asphalt surface, and the seal coat crews of NWGP provide this surface at the highest of quality.

Our work speaks for itself. Click to view recent NWGP paving projects.