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Site development and utilities

Full Site Package

The Earthwork Division at NWGP takes great pride in being a vast and diverse department fully capable of providing full site packages.  NWGP clientele benefit greatly from a complete site work package in many ways.  By having a single site work contractor, gaps or overlaps in scope area eliminated.  Also, pricing is typically more efficient due to fewer mobilizations, less inter-contractor interference, better flow and coordination between tasks, and fewer scheduling conflicts.  Lastly, with NWGP being the sole site contractor, scheduling conflicts typically present when dealing with multiple subcontractors are eliminated.

Site Clearing and Demolition

No site development project can kick off without first removing any necessary vegetation and/or structures not specified to remain on the site upon completion.  When such measures are necessary, the Earthwork Division at NWGP is fully capable of self performing all demolition, debris removal, environmental remediation, clearing, and grubbing.  Our planned process and execution allows for safe performance of all specified demolition measures.


Mass Earth Moving and Grading

NWGP performs site grading in the most efficient and timely manner possible.  Whether the scope of work calls for articulating dump trucks, scrapers, excavators, dozers, or motor graders, NWGP has all of the appropriate equipment in all sizes to complete any grading job.  No matter if the job requires moving dirt for a large roadway project, storm basin system, large building pad, expansive parking area, or complex commercial development, NWGP is experienced and fully equipped to fulfill any grading need.

Site Utilities

With any site development project comes the need for site utilities.  Water systems, sanitary sewer, and storm water collection systems of all types, sizes, and configurations are implemented by the Earthwork Division at NWGP.  From concrete manholes and structures to reinforced concrete storm pipes and sewer lines, NWGP installs all systems to specification to provide our clients with years of service and reliability.



Proper placement and establishment of correct grades are key elements in the efficient completion of any site project.  This is where the surveying crews within the Earthwork Department come into play.  Whether the job requires traditional survey and site line surveying or modern GPS systems, NWGP has the necessary equipment for the project.

Our work speaks for itself.  Click to view recent NWGP earthwork projects.